Village of Concord

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Falling Waters Trail, Concord, MI 49237

One hour before Sunrise, One hour after Sunset

Trail Rules

Vehicles: Non-Motorized Usage only

Pets: All dogs or pets shall be on a leash no more than six feet in length and under immediate control

Horses: Prohibited to ride or lead a horse or other riding animal on the paved portion of the Trail corridor

Alcoholic Beverage Usage: Consumption and/or possession of alcoholic beverages is prohibited


By Authority of Section 504 of Act No. 451 of the Public Acts of 1994, as amended, being section 324-5-4 of the Michigan Compiled Laws and in accordance with R229.671 and R229.922 of the Michigan Administrative Code, by authority of Jackson County Ordinance No. 7 of 2000
-All hunting and trapping is prohibited on the 100ft. Trail right-of-way
-Discharge of a firearm or a bow is prohibited on the 100ft. Trail right-of-way
-Shooting a weapon across the 100ft. Trail right-of-way is prohibited

User Guidelines

The paved Falling Waters Trail is 12 feet wide and there is ample space for everyone, but if you’ve never been on a trail that has wheeled vehicles along with walkers, you might not be aware of the speed of these wheeled users.

1. Announce Yourself. Faster moving trail users on wheels should announce their presence to those they wish to pass by ringing a bell or saying, “on-your-left”, so as not to surprise them as they are passed. Those users being alerted should move to the right. Faster moving users should, however, yield a wide area to slower traffic and pass with caution.

2. Trail users should keep to the right, as though there was a center-line (we may have to fundraise more money to pay for such a line marking).

3. When stopping to chat or rest, trail users should move onto the unpaved trail shoulder to allow others to pass.

4. Trail users should approach horses with caution, knowing that the horse might get spooked by a bicycle or person walking a dog.

5. Trail users should approach children with caution, knowing that they might dart out, suddenly change direction, or stop short.

6. Parents should instruct their children to stay in a single file when someone else is coming to pass them.

7. All cyclists would be advised to wear helmets; rollerbladers should have padding.

8. Drivers should approach all trail crossings with caution and trail users should stop, look, listen at all road crossings.

9. Clean up after your dog or horse with a plastic bag. Please don’t leave trail surprises. Doggy Sanitation Stations are located on Teft Road and Weatherwax Drive.

10. Carry out your own trash and feel free to pickup after others who are less considerate. We will all work together to keep our trail clean.

11. Falling Waters Trail County Park Rules and Regulations: Legal questions and specific trail usage questions should be directed to Jackson County Parks and Recreation, (517) 788-4320.