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Department of Public Works


DPW Director

Jason Blossom

(517) 524-8534

DPW Employee

Kevin Thomas

(517) 524-8534

DPW Employee

Norman Kidder

(517) 524-8534

About DPW

The Village of Concord Department of Public Works (DPW) is a dedicated group of employees who ensure the Village’s water supply is safe for public consumption and our sewage is treated properly to ensure public health. Besides the obvious public health responsibilities associated with the DPW they are also responsible for a multitude of other public works activities which meet the needs of Village of Concord residents. The DPW crew is responsible for the care and upkeep of the Village’s parks, roads, sidewalk, buildings, etc.

A normal DPW fall/winter day may consist of salting, sanding, and plowing of snow from the Village’s streets, mechanical improvement to the Village fleet, picking up the community’s leaves, fixing water main breaks, making construction improvements to the Village’s buildings and filling out and filing a multitude of forms. A normal DPW spring/summer day may consist of mowing and trimming of our vast parks system, cleaning of park bathrooms, construction of sidewalks, picking up of brush from the curb, making construction improvements to the Village’s buildings, fixing water main breaks, filling out and filing a multitude of forms, as well as completion of varying other projects. Other projects completed recently with DPW assistance include construction of Concord’s Mill Pond Park, beach volleyball courts, tee-ball diamond, placement of scoreboards, park’s bathroom remodel, roofing of park pavilion, remodel of community center, remodel of apartments above the Village’s Offices, and grading of future non-motorized trail.

As you see our DPW crew is a talented and resourceful group of individuals who work great as a team. While our DPW crew is fully certified to meet our public safety needs what sets them apart is their attentiveness to customer service and willingness to go above and beyond expectations. A water main in the Village’s water system breaks in the middle of night or a large snow storm buries our streets the Village’s DPW crew is working diligently after hours to make our community safe again. The Village of Concord DPW is dedicated to make our community a better place to live, work, and play. The Village of Concord DPW is an asset we are fortunate to have.


  • Brush pick-up is the first full week of every month. Small twigs, lawn and garden waste must be bagged or bundled. 50 lbs. maximum weight. Place on edge of property not in streets. Limit 10 units per pickup.

  • Village residents can dump their own brush, lawn waste, etc. at the end of Grove Street at the Village’s Brush Dump. No Dumping of Construction Materials.

  • Mowing Grass clippings into the streets and sidewalk is against the law and can result in a fine. With spring rains grass clippings end up in the street drains, clogging them up, and can result in flooding of your and neighboring homes.