Village of Concord

Village of

Community Center


310 Homer Rd. Concord, MI. 49237

(517) 524-8534

Rental Agreement

Rental Fees

Non-Profit Organization Rental Fee

Non-Commercial Rental Fee

Commercial Rental Fee

Refundable Damage Deposit Included


All decorations must be removed after event and dispose of with other trash

AII candles must be in a container

No tape or markings on the floor, walls or ceiling

AII spills on the floor must be cleaned with warm water and mop provided to you.Any bathroom mishaps must be cleaned before you leave the community center

After cleaning tables and chairs place them back in the table and chair room

Bag and seal all trash in provided bags and leave in trash cans . lf,during your event, you need to empty a trash can seal bag and place in 90 gallon trash can outside, by the back entrance

User is not responsible for any other cleaning

Turn off all light before leaving . ( Do not touch fans )

Make sure all windows and doors are locked properly

No smoking is permitted anywhere inside this is a Michigan state law. Smoking is permitted outside, cigarette butts must be properly disposed of in provided sand bucket

The adjacent parking lot to the west of the facility is the only parking lot you may use. There will be no parking across the street from the building

Max capacity for the community center is 250 people

Any violation of the rules will result in loss of damage deposit