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Concord Community Schools

Concord Community Schools

Home of the Mighty Yellowjackets!


Concord Elementary School
405 South Main Street
Concord, Michigan 49237
(517) 524-6650
Matt Lehman, Principal

Concord Elementary is our Kindergarten through 5th grade school.  It consist of 23 different classroom teachers as well as including physical and special education teachers.
Concord Middle School
405 South main Street
Concord, Michigan 49237
(517) 524-8854
Matt Lehman, Principal

Concord Middle is our 6th through 8th grade school.  The school consists of 20 different teachers teaching Science, Language Arts, Math, Special Education, Computers, Art, Physical Education, Music and Band.  These teachers are preparing our children for the high school and what it offers.
Concord High School
219 Monroe Street
Concord, Michigan 49237
(517) 524-8384
Cheryl Price, Principal

Concord High is our 9th through 12th grade school to further the students in the world of education and working life.  The school consists of 20 different teachers, all teaching the students and getting them ready for the real life.


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