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Village Council
A Village Council is a form of local government associated with small municipalities similar to the Village of Concord.   A village council is responsible for making the decisions necessary for the operation of their community on behalf of the citizens who elected them.   Decisions made on Village matters by Council members often consist of budgetary, human resources, allocation of resources, policy and procedures.  When your taxes, water rates, etc. are raised, so are your Village Council member's taxes, water rates, etc raised, as a result very much thought and research has been put into these decisions before they are made.  Other roles and responsibilities of Council members may vary depending on the budget of the municipality. 

The Village of Concord’s Council consists of six Council members and one Village President who each have one vote in the political process.  With seamless transition in mind one Council member is designated President Pro Tem to serve as Village President if the current Village President is unable to attend meetings, tend to urgent business matters, or must be replaced for other reasons.  Village of Concord Council members are elected to four years terms, with a staggered system so three council member positions are up for election every year in November’s Election.  The Village President position is a two year term. 

The Village of Concord Council holds a public meeting bi-monthly on the second and fourth Tuesday of every month with most meetings taking a little over an hour to conduct. Two Council members are also expected to serve on each Committee related to other Village business.  Committees in which Council members serve on include Parks & Recreation Committee, Planning Committee and Fire Board.  Other committees occasionally arise in which Council members and the President must serve on such as Yearly Budget, Hiring Committee, Policy and Procedures, etc.  Committee meetings occur one evening a month and usually take a little over an hour to occur.

Village Council members also must be prepared for the topics to be discussed in their meetings.  Council members receive packets of information on the topics of the agenda which they must become familiar with through reading and additional research they conduct on their own.  A Village Council member is constantly learning new information related to their position in efforts to improve their abilities as a Council member.  Based on Council members backgrounds they also may take on additional responsibilities in efforts to improve our Community.  Current, examples of these additional responsibilities being conducted by Council members include website construction, financial accounting assistance, and grant writing to name a few.

As documented many Council members spend additional hours involved in research and additional roles and responsibilities associated with the position.  While some like to assume members of the Village of Concord Council are getting rich for their participation they are mistaken.  Village Council members are paid $45 a meeting with the Village President making $120.83 a meeting.  It is up to the discretion of the Village of Concord Council member to do what they want with these earnings but many donate a portion to community oriented projects and organizations.

To be a member of the Village of Concord Council you must be a resident of the Village of Concord with no outstanding balances with the Village.  You do not have to be a member of a political party to be a Village Council member.  Your Village of Concord Council consists of regular people like you who have families, live in homes located in the Village and work jobs within this and surrounding communities.  In the end Village of Concord Council members are dedicated individuals interested in serving their community and making our Village a better place to live, work, and play.  We are you.